Our crown jewel by far, is our newly opened Makers Lab (OBK Tech Hall, N106; Open Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm). So far we have five working 3D printers and an assortment of tools and electrical equipment perfect for rapid deployment of test builds. Come in, design something, and have it made, all within the span of the day! If you are unsure how to do something, or you want some expert advice visit our portal for tutorials, file upload, and more!

Many Members from Makers Club visit an off-campus location (map) on Tuesday nights at 7pm in order to gain access to other, heavier, machine tools needed for their projects. This location is not associated with UAH, and has its own set of strict rules and regulations that must be followed. Full-access membership is available for purchase to students for a small monthly fee.

With more and more members every day, we see a stronger and stronger demand for heavy machinery and high level equipment. We plan on having a larger, more industrial home in the future. Where loud machinery can be run without disrupting the students on campus. This will take some planning and negotiation, the biggest help however, will come from the dedication of the students and faculty. So if you want to help how, the best way you can is just to show up!


Need more information? Send us an email at